With A Little Help expresses exactly my belief. Everyone has the power to change, adjust, find new ways, create a better balance of life. In order to feel this energy flow again, regain the sparkling in the eyes, moving forward, we sometimes need a little help.

am Stef Kroon, from experience I know the feeling of being out of balance. I was raised in a family of entrepreneurs; life was about hard work and striving for success. I followed that way of life. And at some point realized that it wasn’t enough.

I started my journey, travelled unknown territory, had new experiences. I saw the world around me from a different perspective and searched for myself. This journey had a great impact. It brought me more balance and made me a happier person.

The search for myself grabbed me that much that I made it my work 10 years ago. With A Little Help stimulates people to find their way to themselves and to more happiness in life.

Stef Kroon - Tweeluik


My journey started on a Saturday morning after a busy, hectic week. Time to relax and enjoy seeing my little daughters eating cake. But this time I could not enjoy it. My brain kept spinning, I couldn’t let go.

I realized I had to change. And I knew the answers were to be found on a deeper emotional level than my everyday working life.

In a magazine I read an interview with a Zen teacher. I called him and since that time my journey from my head to my heart begun.

This journey gives me energy, shows me unknown sides of myself, opens new doors and creates connections – within myself and with the outside world.

The way back to my roots proved to be important. Grateful for what I got and realizing what I missed.

I was raised in the city center of Amsterdam with parents teaching me that life was about work, rush, busy, go, go, go. I inherited entrepreneurship and ambition. I lacked real attention and support. Business came before us, as children.

I fell for the world of finance, had lots of ambition and worked hard, became a successful partner at KPMG and earned accordingly. This was my outside image.

My inside started to call on me. Various educations and trainings have contributed to my personal and spiritual growth. This search has brought me a lot. I started to see things in a different way, broke down barriers, developed my feelings. I became a happier man.

What differentiates me in the world of coaching is a successful career in the financial industry combined with a journey to the deepest of myself. For me, this is a never ending journey. Head and heart meet each other With A Little Help.

I’m a man of the sun, of life, forward driven. But when I stand still and allow sadness, my life gets more shine.

Training and education have proven to be very important on my way to personal and spiritual growth, among others I did:

  • MMS Coach Training – I’m a certified MMS coach of the MMS Worldwide Institute [ Managing Motivation in Self and Others ]
  • various therapeutic educations at Phoenix Opleidingen
  • tantra trainings and retreats, among others at Wildtantra and Centrum voor Tantra. I am a member of the Wildtantra team and give tantra workshops at De Nieuwe Yogaschool in Amsterdam.


Personal growth With A Little Help

You have the impression you could get more out of yourself. This feeling pops up now and then, if you ignore it, it disappears until it’s there again. You might as well do something about it.

With A Little Help you can

  • increase your self confidence and self esteem
  • get more connected to your environment [ avoid irritation and stress ]
  • increase your capacity to feel and set your own boundaries
  • experience more freedom [ by overcoming obstructive behavior ]
  • become more balanced
  • feel more energetic

With A Little Help you will enter new paths, transform barriers from your past, reinvent yourself and experience more happiness in life.

Improve your relationship With A Little Help

Relationships could sometime create frictions, to the point of a break up. You want to turn it around but you don't know how!

With A Little Help you can

  • experience more harmony by breaking with repetitive patterns of arguments and accusations
  • enhance your communications
  • acknowledge loneliness in your relation, change and improve mutual contact
  • find out where it went wrong, find solutions and get closer again
  • regain intimacy and sexuality

With A Little Help you will be able to see each other from a different perspective, your relation will get new impulses, and you both will find the path that aligns with your aspirations.

When you think of growing, you think of gathering. It’s not. Growing is about letting go.

Making moves in business With A Little Help

You’re not satisfied with your professional life. You want to make a next move, or maybe no move at all. You experience lack of balance between working life and private life, have doubts about your leadership, or you feel drained.

With A Little Help you will get

  • a fresh look at yourself and your functioning inside [ and outside ] your organization
  • room for yourself to realize essential changes
  • support at business challenges you’re confronted with
  • advice on the approach of change management or development of your professionals

With A Little Help you will get the power to switch gears. I know the challenges of performing in the corporate world and can guide you to fresh insights and new energy.

Stef Kroon - Portrait

How I Work

My work is based on my conviction that With A Little Help, you yourself have the power to create change, and are able to address the challenges crossing your path.

The end is the beginning: What do you want to realize?

Usually we go through the following phases:

  • Map out the current situation and it’s origin
  • Identification; consciousness of the underlying behavioral patterns
  • Formulate the desired change and take ownership of it
  • Built new behavior and anchor this behavior
  • Evaluation and completion of the coaching; you have found your way

The sessions will take place either in Amsterdam or in Egmond. They will start with a short meditation, a poem or music to get in touch with your own feelings. And bring us close together. There must a be a true connection between us in order for the coaching to be successfull.

Both body and mind will be activated. After each session you’ll get a bit of homework, things to reflect upon and practice the insights you acquired. In between sessions I can be contacted by email or phone.

Each session always is a mirror for myself too.

The coaching methods and techniques used are aimed at identifying the real obstacles that are in your way to go to a more energetic and happy life. Often these are related to emotional injuries from your past. The mechanisms developed at that time to protect yourself are now your hindrance for further development. You will see this razor sharp, leave these obstacles behind and continue to grow.

Methods used are among others Systemic Work, Transactional Analyses, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Bodywork. Concerning relationship problems and opportunities, tantric meditations prove very successful to rediscover each other.

I work with a limited number of clients dedicating therefor the appropriate time to the persons I feel I can really help. Each session contributes to my own journey and development as well.


To explore yourself or your relationship With A Little Help, call me at +31653153756. We will hear each other’s voice and get a sense whether we can mean something for each other.

Website: Raymond Waltjen